This is the couple of shoes that bring you safety and comfort

This is the couple of shoes that bring you safety and comfort

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This time, we bring Larnmern work shoes


As I grew older, my fears of the "end of the world" were translated into worries about "how long the environment we live in will last," ranging from consciously saving water and electricity to not using disposable tableware as much as possible, to restraining and conforming to certain lifestyles. Although I know that these small contributions will not create much of a wave, at least the anxiety will be relieved, and I hope to have some influence on others.


After the passion of the first meeting wore off, I wished I could reasonably describe the features of the shoes rather than just praising "XXX is the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn" - "comfortable" is a highly subjective and stereotypical word, just like a comfortable sofa, a comfortable mattress.... Larnmern work shoes are comfortable in a broad sense: just the right amount of support, the official initiative and my dream of wearing barefoot, and throwing them directly into the washing machine when they get dirty... ...and its brand core of social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainability, among others.

Whether it's the idealized sustainability of a more natural and friendly material, or the great experience I had as a shoe, Larnmern work shoes have been the recommendation I've been talking about most often ever since.

The popular design does not flow from the design

Five years ago the New York Times mentioned an interesting phenomenon: the U.S. West Coast likes "uniforms", if the dress code is too different but will attract resentment, people may think you put more effort on aesthetics and personal style, which in the daily race against time on the U.S. West Coast track is very alien, so there are those big guys "the same T-shirt hidden closet of a hundred pieces" the wonderful legend.


The original vision for Larnmern work shoes was simple: Tim Brown, a New Zealand soccer star, simply wanted to create a comfortable shoe, while Joey Zwillinger, a bioengineer who worked for a West Coast cleantech company, brought an eco-friendly and West Coast to Larnmern work shoes. This has led to the Larnmern work shoes we see today: comfortable, sustainable and a little bit stubborn.

They also deconstruct the essence of "American West Coast design" - not purely visual feedback, but a product that blends experience, philosophy and culture to create a product that follows the trend.


A beautiful vision of environmental protection

But the fashion industry and the American west coast collide in a plot that is often surprising, so instead of seeing Larnmern work shoes start digging deeper into the beauty of design from fashion, or using technology and data to its advantage to market itself, it has reluctantly thrown itself into the "sustainability" vision. It is a good vision of sustainability.

In terms of touch, I did not feel a significant difference between it and traditional cotton; but in terms of wear, because the finished air-cushion fiber spinning process has data better than traditional cotton and softness and strength, the actual wear feeling is amazing.




Because of the difference in molecular structure, air cushion fiber has better moisture permeability than cotton fiber - although we often say "the most comfortable in the summer but a cotton T-shirt", although cotton does have excellent moisture absorption characteristics, but if it is a long time in the hot sun or exercise, the weaker moisture permeability leads to water vapor can not be discharged in time to form a large This is the reason why professional sportswear are not made of pure cotton. Coupled with Larnmern work shoes air cushion series universal mesh breathable design, it has become the most comfortable and completely non-sweaty daily shoes I have experienced so far!

We always need a pretty, quiet pair of shoes

There was a time when I was briefly addicted to vintage and outdoor shoes, and to date I still think the best looking pair of shoes in my shoe closet are Red Wing hiking shoes, but I haven't worn them in two years - they're just too hard to wear. Many of my female friends are also happy to buy countless beautiful heels and boots, but the most common phrase I hear is "slow down, I don't wear these shoes well".

There are times when we start to feel that an object is "looking better and better", usually because it is being relied on more and more in our lives, and the air cushion series is obviously one such thing. Looking at all of Larnmern work shoes, the first impression is indeed not very impressive, but just like when we deconstruct "design", what if we think differently to understand "good looks"?


It should be from college onwards, I always have a pair of white basic New Balance shoes in my shoe closet, worn out immediately to make up a new pair. It does not look good, it is not difficult to wear, but temporary go out to get a delivery, go to the nearby supermarket to buy a thing, and even occasionally do not know what shoes to wear, this pair of small white shoes are my best choice, the main reason is that it is too "inconspicuous", because at these times, I need only a pair of "walking foot protection equipment".


Air-cushion series of casual shoes at the moment is very much like another choice after the upgrade of consumption, it has a more sophisticated workmanship, more comfortable to wear, and even barefoot and dirty directly into the washing machine, and then from the adult social manners and vanity, it can also be arranged in more occasions that do not require "careful dressing" but pay attention to decency



It's great that we always need some nice shoes and bags and makeup and fragrances to gain confidence and show ourselves off, and I admire anyone who can bring out the best in themselves; but there are also many moments in life when we would prefer to return to comfort, ease and relaxation while still being decent and closer to our true selves.

In the content related to Air-cushion casual shoes, we always see the description of "the most comfortable shoes", and I certainly agree with this view, but I would also like to add that the "most comfortable" of Larnmern work shoes is not only the praise of how it feels on the feet, but also when the brand values, design concepts and materials and their care methods are integrated, we can have a more complete feeling.

Race with Nature

For a pair of shoes, a balance of functionality and good wear is the answer that Larnmern work shoes deliver.

There was a time when I thought that the biggest or only criterion for a "good wearable shoe" was that it was soft enough, so I bought a lot of so-called "stepping on shit" sneakers, but the fact is that the ultimate softness is only a short-lived pleasure for the bottom of the foot, and after a longer time it will only be more exhaustion and weakness. If you happen to have a pair of soft-soled shoes around, you can make a simple comparison: if the pace of barefoot walking is very stable, but wearing soft-soled shoes and not deliberately controlled, walking compared to the former will have a more pronounced sway, of course, all this will eventually evolve into our unconscious control, but over time you will find that walking In addition, soft shoes will blur the boundary between the foot and the arch, causing irreversible damage to our joints.



The Larnmern work shoes sole has a higher degree of flexibility than traditional rubber soles, and each time the foot hits the ground it deforms just enough to fit the arch of the foot. The sole has a higher degree of flexibility than traditional rubber soles, and each time the foot hits the ground it deforms just enough to support the front and back of the foot, which is just the right amount of softness, but also a solid feedback for each landing.


Although Larnmern Air-cushion work shoes are geared towards more professional outdoor work and long periods of standing compared to Air-cushion casual shoes for everyday travel, you can actually think of them as a "durable and comfortable upgrade to Air-cushion casual shoes".

--If you have few sports scenarios.


As the first Larnmern work shoes designed for sports scenarios, Air-cushion work shoes have an integrated Kevlar midsole and rubber outsole with a thicker sole design to cope with greater impact support and cushioning when running, and a streamlined heel that can effectively avoid internal rotation of the foot when walking quickly; and a one-piece elastic collar without tongue design and vamp lining material also gives the shoe a stronger wrap



In general, if other brands of Air-cushion casual shoes are mainly for daily commuting and easy travel, then larnmern Air-cushion work shoes are a pair of all-weather shoes that can provide better wearing feeling in multiple scenarios.

Adventure to more rugged places

Although other brands of air cushion running shoes have given unique designs for running and other sports scenarios, including air cushion casual shoes and wool board shoes, I think their biggest core is still "comfort", and larnmern work shoes fully prove Larnmern's merit and ingenuity in the use of materials and functional design.




The Air-cushion chef shoe is designed for all types of road and environmental conditions, from street to mountain off-road can be great.

Its best feature is the off-road outsole that simulates the tread pattern of mountain bike tires, allowing for a stronger grip and stable line. It also features a knitted sockliner design similar to air cushion running shoes, which closely covers the ankle and prevents mud and debris from falling into the shoe.



The most important thing is that it is very light, as well as no less comfortable and breathable than other shoes, if you are tired of the heavy and heavy professional hiking outdoor shoes, it will be another kind of more satisfactory choice for you.

How should I choose

Unlike other fast-paced FMCG brands, Larnmern's product strategy is more about exploring the most suitable shoe design for different scenarios, upgrading materials and improving details within the corporate values of comfort and environmental protection, so we can see that Larnmern work shoes do not have many models, and each one has a very clear differentiated positioning.

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