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Slip Resistant





And I thought my boots were comfortable, these are for the people who aren’t really into wearing boots but work in a shop like environment, they’re comfortable, light weight, steel toe and stylish! If you’re not the boot wearing type, I suggest getting yourself a pair of these comfortable work shoes 🤠

Travis Patrick

I’ve tested all aspects of the shoe and they have withstood everything I’ve put them through and are still light and comfortable and durable and I truly appreciate getting the opportunity to represent your amazing product!

Zachary Bacle

If you need hard toes and want to get out of your hot boots after a long day of work@larnmernis for you. They’re very light you also can’t feel the edge of the composite toe no matter how you bend them.#larnmern

Who we are?

We are LARNMERN, a brand that is changing the game in the work protection shoe industry. For too long, functional and durable footwear meant sacrificing style and comfort. But we believe that you can have it all - protection, style, and comfort - in one pair of shoes.

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